About Us

The 365 RPM Group has been assisting mid-market companies in better managing their revenue performance since 2004. We do this by using proven business processes and great technology. More specifically, we help our clients optimize their sales processes and match them with an appropriate sales force automation tool in order to boost efficiency and gains.

We work with customers and partners in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and Australia. Since our start in 2004, we have helped hundreds of companies and thousand of users.

The Leads 365 cloud-based sales force automation system is a world-class application that is a price value leader. That means end users receive a very high level of functionality for a very competitive price point.

Not only do we have more than a decade of experience, we also operate our own B2B sales teams supported by our Leads 365 application. That means we use our own direct experience as sales managers and sales people to influence the design and usability of the application.