Meet The Team

The Leads 365 team is made up of highly qualified individuals who all have years of experience in the software industry. We look forward to working with you and getting to know you on a personal level.



I founded the company in 2004 and have led the growth since inception. I grew up on a farm that was involved in intensive irrigated cropping, and learned from a young age the values of hard work, integrity, and honesty. The farm involved high levels of capital, human, and other inputs, and required excellent management skills to ensure outcomes were achieved. The principles of that farming business translate easily to the 365 RPM Group business—or any other business: understand the desired outcomes, arrange the right inputs, and manage the process to achieve results. Managing the 365 RPM Group business over the years has been immensely rewarding. We have helped an untold number of businesses to understand how they can better manage their sales processes and apply human resources and software technology to achieve a better outcome. We are all constantly learning, adapting, and improving which means there is constant change. Where there is change, there is opportunity, and that is what keeps this business exciting!


Finance and Administration Manager

I have been involved in accounting/finance for the past twenty years, from working in the public sector to private companies dealing with modern technology integrations, which is why I am very excited about my role here at 365 RPM Group. Working alongside like-minded and forward-thinking team members (who have the passion and drive to further develop our brand both locally and globally) creates a productive atmosphere unlike anywhere else I have worked.


Business Operations Manager

I have been working with the 365 RPM Group for four years, and it has really helped me grow into my role as a manager. I have a strong passion for understanding how a system works, and a drive to tinker with it until it works better. My training in business management has proven to be a big help in producing successful CRM implementations for our customers.


Partners & Marketing

I recently graduated from George Mason University, where I studied business development. In my first sales role, I became the top sales person out of over 200 within only a few weeks of being on the job. Since then, I have been pushing myself to further develop my own sales skills, as well as my peers’ sales skills. I enjoy seeing the people I’m working with succeed, and go above and beyond to make sure they do well. I am a perennial entrepreneur, and I bring the “can do” start-up mentality to the Leads 365 partner program.