Features & Benefits


Leads 365 has all the features and functionality you need. Although our application specializes in improving the sales process, we also have many other highly requested features that will help your business function at its best. Our features have gone through extensive testing, making them iron-clad in terms of usability.

We realize that an effective CRM is not just about the amount of features, but also the quality of the features. We have 10 years continuous experience in the sales CRM market, and our modules are carefully developed to optimize the end user’s experience and maximize their ability to achieve organizational goals. With our system, you won’t need to worry about getting bogged down by many of the common CRM annoyances, making it easy for you to focus on doing what you do best.


The Essentials

Lead Management

Dynamic Funnel Dashboards
Sort, search and filter leads on the fly to find the next deal.
Single View
Connect leads to companies, people and opportunities on a single page.
Call Scripts and Response Forms
Store sales scripts with response forms to modify pitch depending on the prospects response.

Sales Force Management

Sales Pipeline Management
Report on and know what stage your opportunities are in. Use data to improve close rates or improve on weak spots.
Sales Forecasting
Estimate future revenue. Plan for your businesses future and align your sales representatives sales goals with revenue projections.
Price Variable Management
Adjust your pricing inputs to account for different sales taxes, commissions, competitor pricing and much more.


Standard dashboards included. Have useful dashboards based on need to know business metrics ready to go right out of the box.
Standard Reports
Compile data and analyze. Align reports with business goals and use reports to Improve decision-making.
Custom Reports
Create custom reports based on the data that’s specific to your company. Always have the unique data that helps your company succeed.