How To Be A Great Salesperson—You Need These 4 Qualities

How To Be A Great Salesperson

We all know them—those couple people on the sales team who are incredible at their job. They’re constantly making sales, consistently meeting goals, and always eager to begin the next call.

But do you ever wonder what makes those salespeople so effective? Do you wonder how to be a great salesperson yourself?

During my years in sales, I’ve learned that there are four outstanding characteristics that the best performers all share. And whether you manage a team of salespeople or are a seller yourself, understanding these traits and implementing them into your own selling strategies can help improve your (and your team’s) overall success. Take a look.

The Top 4 Qualities Of Effective Salespeople

1. They can turn a “no” into a “yes.”

In sales, it’s inevitable that you’re going to hear the word “no.” In fact, even the customers who say “yes” will say no an average of five times before deciding to make an agreement. What makes a good salesperson is being able to hear those noes and turn them into a yes.

When a good salesperson hears the word no, they simply realize that there is more work to be done. They know they have nothing to lose by trying harder, so they keep persevering with the customer to make sure the person clearly understands the offer. They don’t take rejection personally, but rather take it as a sign to ask more questions, answer more questions, or provide other options or deals.

2. They have the gift of gab. (And they use it correctly.)

Generally, when you hear that someone has “the gift of gab,” you imagine a person who is able to talk your ear off for hours on end. But while salespeople do need to be able to speak freely and spontaneously, it’s more important that they’re able to put people at ease and build rapport—which is exactly what top-performing salespeople do.

As a salesperson, you never want to come across as being pushy or over-the-top, which is why the best salespeople will make sure the client or prospect feels comfortable enough to open up to them—right from the start. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, they’ve got about 30 seconds to make a good impression. So rather than droning on about anything and everything, a good salesperson will use their gift of gab to build rapport quickly.

Some of the best salespeople I’ve seen will start off a conversation with something that seems completely random or irrelevant—the weather, current news, or asking where the prospect is from. This turns the conversation from a sales call into a friendly chat, putting the customer at ease and letting the salesperson offer their deal without it sounding forced or aggressive.

3. They have two ears and one mouth. (And they use them in that order.)

Even more important than verbal communication skills, highly successful salespeople have listening skills. Being able to ask the right questions is one thing, but being able to listen for and understand the answer is another.

The best salespeople know the power of asking a question, then zipping their lips while waiting for the prospect to answer. What they learn from listening to those answers allows them to outperform their peers.

4. They are greedy.

It may sound negative, but the best salespeople are greedy—and that’s a good thing. Have you ever wondered why salespeople are on commission targets? It’s because they are motivated by the challenge to meet those targets, which drives them to do their job (and do it well).

Whether it’s because they want to make a good commission, be the best in the office, or boost their pride, good salespeople have a motivating factor that causes them to push—hard.  

Sure, there are people who are happy to just pick up the phone and talk for eight hours a day, but those people aren’t salespeople—they’re telemarketers. Good salespeople are driven to spend as much time on the phone as possible and make every call count. They want to sell as much as they can to make money for their business, because that’s how they earn money and recognition. If they’re selling, they’re excelling—and that makes them happy.

Effective Salespeople Want To Sell

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of successful salespeople is that they want to sell. They don’t want to be doing administrative work, or entering data into spreadsheets, or keeping files up to date—they want to be on the phone or out in the field doing what they love.

To ensure that salespeople get to do more of the work they enjoy, use a CRM! Effective CRMs can track the entire sales process from start to finish, allowing employees to spend less time reporting and more time on what’s truly important: selling.