Why Did We Leave Zoho For InSightly CRM?

Switching CRMFor the next several months, we’re posting a series of articles that highlight your CRM stories—specifically, stories of switching CRM systems. For our fourth post in this series, David Waring, co-founder and editor at Fit Small Business, tells us how they’ve switched from Zoho to InSightly CRM.



About Our Business

Fit Small Business helps companies find the best software, services, and finances for their needs quickly and easily. We do this by choosing a particular software, service, or finance option and go in-depth with it. We’ll interview the company that offers the product, talk with people who have used it, and sometimes use the product ourselves if applicable. Then, we create in-depth reviews for our customers and readers.

Our Original CRM

I’ve been in and started a lot of companies that used CRMs (specifically SalesForce and Zoho). So when my business partner and I started Fit Small Business, we decided to go with Zoho since it’s what we were familiar with and was in our price range.

One thing I really liked about Zoho was the great reporting capabilities for managing a sales team. The software comes with 30-50 reports to choose from and you can also build your own custom reports for pretty much any kind of data you want with any kind of variable.

Zoho is a great system, but it had more functionality than we really needed. All the add-ons, customizations, and integrations are great for larger companies, but it wasn’t what our small, six-person business needed. Honestly, all the extra features were overwhelming to us. So we decided to look for a system that would provide basic contact and task management, and pipeline reporting.

Finding A New CRM

We did some basic internet searches, asking things like, “What’s the best CRM?” We weren’t familiar with InSightly CRM, but they were advertising heavily at the time so they kept coming up in e-newsletters, small business publications, and on websites we were searching on. So, we decided to try them out.

Once we looked into InSightly, we decided very quickly that this was the CRM we wanted to go with.

Training & Implementation

InSightly allows you to directly import your contacts from Google, and you can also export your contacts’ information from Zoho by putting it into a CSV file and importing it to InSightly.

We exported our data to a CSV file, and when we imported it to InSightly there were some problems matching the right fields from Zoho to InSightly’s fields. The biggest issue for us was matching fields. Obviously, InSightly and Zoho won’t have the same exact fields, and correctly matching fields from Zoho to InSightly took us a while to figure out. We wanted to take data from Zoho that InSightly didn’t have any fields for, so we had to create custom fields within InSightly to have a place for that data to go. It was easy to do, but it took time.

To get accustomed to the software, we watched some videos from InSightly University, a tool that teaches how to use each of the CRM’s features.

Our Experience With InSightly CRM

Our two favorite things about InSightly are the simplicity and the price—we’re paying about half of what we were paying to use Zoho.

We didn’t want a complicated system that we’d need to spend a lot of time managing. In previous companies, we actually had one person who specifically managed the CRM—this is not what we wanted for Fit Small Business. With InSightly, you can get up and running in 10 minutes and don’t need to constantly manage the system.

What We Like

  • Project management
  • Centralized contact information

We really like the project management tools InSightly offers. Right now, I use it to manage all the articles we write and publish. I can create a project for each article topic, and then those projects move through a pipeline of specific stages.




For example, once an article is written, it goes to the editing stage. Once the editor reviews it and completes her tasks, it goes to the next stage, automatically notifying our virtual assistant that the article needs to be added to WordPress. After the virtual assistant completes their part, the project moves to the search engine optimization (SEO) stage, where our SEO team optimizes the article, and it goes on until the project is finished.

What I love about this project management tool is that I can see exactly where every single article is in the process just by looking at one window. Easily managing that whole process has been huge for us.

And, it’s great to have all our contact’s information in one location. Previously, if I needed a client’s login information for a specific account, I’d have to ask my business partner who would then have to look through old emails for that information.

Instead of having important information like that stored in folders and emails, now it’s all in InSightly. So I don’t have to worry about finding data (or losing a client’s information if a team member leaves the company). Anytime I need some information about a client, I just go over to the CRM and it’s all there.

What We’d Like To See Improved

  • Reporting
  • User permissions
  • Email integration

Honestly, I’m really surprised that InSightly’s reporting isn’t better. They have about 10 reports to choose from and you can’t customize them. I’d like to have more options and the ability to create my own report.

Also, if we were to have a sales team at Fit Small Business, I would want the ability to control how much data different users can see. At this point, everybody on the CRM can see everything.

The last thing I’d love InSightly to change is their email integration. In Zoho, you can send emails from the CRM so they are automatically logged. With InSightly, if I want to log an email in the CRM, I have to carbon copy an email address from InSightly into every email. Then, those emails are sent to an inbox within the CRM. There is also the Google gadget for email, but again, it’s not as simple as just sending an email from the CRM. The process works—it just isn’t seamless.




InSightly CRM Support

We had to reach out to InSightly’s tech support when we first started using the CRM. InSightly has two software versions you can choose from, and we ended up signing up for the wrong version by mistake. We emailed tech support and they got us switched to the right version easily.

Will We Stick With InSightly CRM?

Definitely. We’re big fans! 

If your company would like to change your CRM system, but you’re unsure of how to find one that will best fit your needs, we’d love to help you explore your options.

At Revenue 365, we specialize in helping businesses like yours find the right CRM. It would be our pleasure to come alongside you and help you choose the best technology for your business.

As we said earlier, the purpose of this series is to highlight your experiences with CRM software. To share your experience or to begin another CRM conversation, we’ve created a group on LinkedIn called CRM Selection. Join us there for further discussion!

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