3 Ways To Overcome Sales Call Objections

Overcome Sales Call ObjectionsHave you ever encountered objections in your sales calls?

You’re not alone.

It’s easy to look at those objections as boulders in your path to success, but they’re not! Objections are actually opportunities for the sales rep to further identify the prospects’ needs and concerns.

While there isn’t a secret formula to work through your prospects’ objections, there are specific things you should do to overcome them.

Our three tips will help you:

  1. More clearly identify your prospects’ needs and concerns.
  2. Work through your prospects’ objections.
  3. Have a fantastic conversation with them.

Check them out!

3 Ways To Handle Sales Call Objections

1. Don’t jump straight to a “fix.”

When a prospect objects, often times they just say the first thing that comes to their mind—so what they say isn’t their actual concern. If you jump straight into trying to “fix” that objection, it’s not going assuage the prospect’s feeling of being sold to. Immediately trying to solve that initial objection can actually make the prospect feel like you’re just another pushy salesman reading your script and trying to force another sale.

So, the easiest way to get around those initial objections is to not jump straight to a solution or pitch. Instead…

2. Get them talking.

No matter what the objection is, the most effective way to move past it is to get the prospect talking. To do this, I’ve found that rephrasing their objections works well. Doing this will help you quickly discover what the prospect’s real objection is.

For example:

Prospect: “I’m worried this might impact our brand in the marketplace.”
Salesperson: “Are you saying you’re worried about your customers’ perception of you?”

Prospect: “I’m worried about the cost.”
Salesperson: “Oh, what about the cost concerns you?”

Prospect: “I don’t have time for this.”
Salesperson:  “Oh, has it been a busy day? What’s making it so busy? Maybe I can help—what I can do will save you time.”

The longer you can stay on the phone with someone, the friendlier they’ll get towards you. (And, the more likely you are to move them down the funnel!) Show the prospect that you actually want to help sort through their objections and learn about their business.

As I said earlier, no one wants to be sold to. But, if you can get them talking, most people will end up selling themselves.

3. Help them discover a good idea.

With most people in the market today, if you can lead them to a particular idea, they’ll think they came up with it. (And they’ll think it’s a pretty darn good one, too!)

Everyone likes to think they’re right. Wouldn’t you agree that in our own minds, we think we do what’s right nearly 100% of the time? As a salesperson, you need to hook into that by asking the right questions to bring your prospect to the good idea.

Helping them see your product’s or service’s worth to their business will convince them that buying from you is a smart move for their business. If you do this well, the prospect will convince themselves they already knew this was a good idea before you even called. That’s where you want to be.

So, affirm their thoughts and help them discover “their” good idea. Work with them to build a solution that will overcome their challenges. Instead of feeling sold to, they’ll feel like you’re creating a positive plan to move their company forward.

What It All Comes Down To

Essentially, overcoming objections boils down to minimizing the feeling that the prospect is being sold to and maximizing the feeling that they have a choice. (And that they’re making the right choice by talking to you.) Work at building positive solutions with your prospects, and you’ll end your calls on much more pleasant notes.