A Focus On The End User

Sales people on the ground initiate and win sales. They are the front line—they create the revenue the whole company depends upon.

All too often, popular CRMs make the mistake of focusing on administrators and IT personnel. That’s why it’s important to focus your sales software on the actual end user. Unlike many of our competitor’s applications, Leads 365 is built by salespeople, for salespeople, to help salespeople. We know what holds your sales representatives back, and have designed our CRM solution to help them move forward.



Manage Revenue

Leads 365’s customizations put your end users in the best situation to close deals. We do this by simplifying the sales process and optimizing the end user experience. Our customizations can make Leads 365 precisely fit your sales process.

Track & Manage

The leads modules included in Leads 365 are designed to help you improve your conversion rates. With our application your end users will never miss an opportunity and will always know where their leads are in your sales pipeline.


When using data to make decisions it’s important to make sure you have the right data. Any CRM can spew out reports, but Leads 365 gives users the right data help your employees make the right decisions to get deals closed.


Leads 365 makes it easy to track the relationship between your company and it's customers. This improves the efficiency of your customer interactions and helps you maintain existing customer relationships.


With a Leads 365 purchase you get everything you need to quickly get your company up and running with our application. This includes an extensive knowledge base, targeted at teaching you proven Leads 365 best practices.

The Leads 365 application benefits each organization we work with differently. We enjoy working with our customers on a case by case basis to help them figure out how CRM can work best for them. Many CRM features cross over from solution to solution, having an expert to guide you through the complex process of purchasing a CRM can be a huge benefit to your overall CRM purchasing experience.

When you sign up for a trial or demo with Leads 365 our sales consultants are there to help you best understand how CRM as a whole can work for you, not just Leads 365.