The 5 Best Sales CRM Posts In 2015

The 5 Best Sales CRM Posts In 2015

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As the year draws to a close we took a look at what were the most popular Sales CRM posts during 2015. After thousands of downloads the following 5 were the stand outs in the popularity stakes!

Here are the Top 5 CRM posts from 2015 – we hope that you found them useful!.

#1 – 9 Steps to Increasing Sales Revenue by 128%

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales revenue by 128%? It’s kind of an obvious question.
By applying the principles we lay out in this white paper, you’ll be able to be more effective in your company, and increase your sales revenue

#2 – How to Build a Sales Funnel

The 1-2-3 of Building a Sales Funnel has been designed to help sales managers:

  • Understand what a Sales Funnel is
  • Learn why I need one
  • 3 easy steps to creating your own


#3 – Onboarding: You’ve Made the Sale- Now Its Time to Deliver!

A name on the dotted line doesn’t mean your work is done. Delivering your product or service well is nearly, if not more, important than selling it.
In this white paper, you will learn how to successfully onboard your clients and guarantee their delight.

Finish what you’ve started today.

#4 – Moving into Close the Deal

Want to see more of your leads convert into customers?
Are you fully prepared to help your leads make a move towards your company?

In those “make it or break it” moments, your actions are critical.

#5 – Lead Generation: Finding and Being Found

You need leads. This is how you find them.
The traditional methods of finding leads are no longer working.

What are you going to do about it?

With this white paper, you can breathe a little easier, because we’ll show you the way.