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Switching CRM
For the next several months, we’re highlighting stories about businesses like yours that have switched to a different CRM. While the underlying premise of each story is the same (the need for a new CRM) every story’s details are very different.

For the third post of our series, Miles Jennings, CEO and co-founder of Recruiter.com, tells us why he decided to begin using InSightly CRMHere’s what we learned. (This is a summary and not a direct transcription.)

InSightly CRM Recruiter.com

About My Business

Recruiter.com is an online job finding service that connects people with employment opportunities aligned with their passions.

My Original CRM

The CRM I was using didn’t have a lot of features I would have liked to use, and the company made it clear that the product would not be developed and improved—what I had was all I would ever get out of the product.

The features I had hoped for were tools for reporting and analyzing my pipeline and opportunities. With this CRM, I wasn’t able to look into the activities of my sales representatives, meaning I also couldn’t generate any activity-based reports.

There wasn’t a way to look at my pipeline and determine which deals were definitely going to close, which ones we had a good chance of closing or were unlikely to happen, and things like that. Those kinds of analytical and forecasting capabilities were very important to me, but they were not present in this CRM.

Finding A New CRM

Once I decided it was time to find a new CRM, I used Google to find articles about the top CRMs available and I asked around in a Facebook business owners group that I’m part of.

With a big list of possibilities, I looked at fifteen or so CRMs, and ended up requesting demos for three of them. Being able to actually experience the different CRMs made it really easy to decide which system was going to be best for us. So choosing one didn’t take long at all.

After trying out the demos, I decided to go with InSightly. With the demo, I was able to see how deeply integrated InSightly is with Google Drive, Google Apps, and Gmail—programs our company uses on a day-to-day basis. I knew that kind of integration would make it very easy for our company to use.

Training & Implementation

When we were ready to start using the new CRM, we did a custom import to transfer data from our old CRM to InSightly. The import didn’t go too smoothly, which can be expected whenever you have to try to match fields from one system to another. Unfortunately, we did lose a lot of data. We also had problems trying to map activities to specific users. When the import first went through, every activity was logged under one user instead of assigning them to whatever user the activities actually happened under. It took us a few days to get everything sorted correctly, but it worked out.

It was very easy to learn the ins and outs of Insightly. It’s a really lightweight, intuitive CRM, so there wasn’t really a learning curve to it. We just took the time to learn the software on our own instead of getting trained.

My Experience With InSightly CRM

Right now, we mainly use InSightly for reporting purposes and managing team activities. It’s been very easy to search through activities and see what the team is doing.

What I Like

  • Reporting features
  • Activity logging
  • Pipeline forecasting

From a manager’s perspective, I really like the reporting features in InSightly and how easy it is to add users. The task management features make it really easy to log activities and emails, which is great for the users. For example, there’s a gadget inside email windows so you can easily log any contacts and activities without opening another window or program.

InSightly CRM Support

With the exception of one minor issue, I haven’t needed to reach out to tech support, and I haven’t really encountered anything about InSightly I am not pleased with.

Will I Stick With InSightly CRM?

Yes, I will.

One thing that led me to choose InSightly was their product development. We started using the software right after a new version was released, so aside from some minor enhancements, there haven’t been any new updates. But InSightly is a company that continually innovates their product—they develop it and work on making it better over time.

When you’re investing in a program like this, you want a product that continually gets better, and doesn’t just take your money. I really like that about InSightly.

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